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Ocean Ranger
As far as I know, this is the last photo taken of the Ocean Ranger. I took this from my helicopter window as I was heading home three days before she sank. I was shooting a film aboard her for some time and made a lot of
friends. I still cannot believe she is gone.

Mr. Craig Dobbin
Canadian Helicopters

Mr. Craig Dobbin and Canadian Helicopters were a client of mine for thirty three years. First it was Sealand Helicopters. I had many a adventure with that company. There were a lot of firsts. He was a dear friend and I miss him dearly.

OCEANEX has been a client for many years. We have done some wonderful projects together. I have had the pleasure of also sailing
with them while working with them. We have created some beautiful posters, murals and reports for the company.
The above image is 40 feet long and is mounted in head office in St. John's. It shows the three main carrier ships in the fleet. This is a stitched image of over 50 images that take in approx. 3 miles.

Oil Industry
I have been doing work both in Video and Still format for the Oil Industry since 1978. I believe I have shot aboard every drill rig, ship,
GBS that has anchored on the Grand Bank. Also a fair amount of offshore shooting off Halifax.
Design and Photograph
for Newtech Press Kit

Front Cover
Back Cover
I have been working with advertising agencies for years as both a designer and photographer. It has given me quite a insight into what clients are looking for.
Churchill River Film
I have completed a full length film on the Churchill River before the Muskrat Falls Project ever began.
NL Liquor Corporation
Liquor Corporation have been a client of my studio for over thirty years. We have done both photography and design for the corporation.
Annual Reports
I have done the photography for annual reports locally, nationally and internationally for a long time. I have also designed annual reports for some of the largest corporations in the world.
President George Bush
Guy LaFlur
I have had the pleasure of working with some big celebs as well as the President of the United States and the Daughter of the Queen, Charles and the late Dianne. I will add these pictures later.
I have also being blessed to have done the portraits of some of the
most beautiful women in the world.
I believe this is 

Gerry Boland Photographer
We have developed this website to promote and sell Newfoundland and Labrador art. We will be offering a wide selection of Landscape Portraits, prints, posters, greeting cards, paintings, banners, videos, decorative
photo art and many other forms of Newfoundland and Labrador art. We hope you will browse through the wide selection we have to offer and
visit often as the images will change from time to time. We are very
excited about this site as it gives us a opportunity to showcase our
work and our province
As my commercial and industrial photography assignments start to level off, I now have the opportunity to concentrate on my passion for our
great Newfoundland and Labrador landscape and wildlife. It's a exciting time in our province, and I invite all Newfoundlanders and Labradorens around the world as well as people who have not been here, to browse
and select images from this beautiful place to decorate their homes and offices or simply give as a gift to that special friend or relative.
We offer a complete range of Newfoundland and Labrador landscape images for
your selection. You may have a choice of different sizes, finishes, mounting,
with or without border. 
A wide selection of posters is offered from landscapes to modern art concepts. In most cases, a favorite landscape may be printed for you as a wall poster or
decorator mural.

Over the years, we have collected some amazing footage of Newfoundland and Labrador and we are adding all the time. This raw footage is broadcast quality and can be converted to whatever format is desired. We can edit together a collection
for private viewing, a occasion gift, stock footage for TV commercials, training videos, industrial and commercial videos.

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